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Monday, March 13, 2017 -

The Spanking Digest: Issue 12

a journal of spanking fiction
by LSF Publications
Published: Dec 03, 2016
Words: 24,788
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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The Payment for Uniform Infractions
by Sarah Thorne

The house was quiet... too quiet. A good thing, really. It meant she could concentrate on her work for a spell before everyone got home and began to tear through the house.

Her mind wandered, however. Where was he today? She really did have the itch to get frisky and be spanked, as it had been several weeks. Amid juggling two very hectic schedules, kids' soccer practices, orthodontists, and simply just family time, it was difficult at best to find time for their favorite (or next to favorite) activity. She had thought he had said that he was taking the day off, but he was nowhere to be found.

The tip of her pencil broke.

"Damn!" she swore under her breath, pushed back her chair and got up. She made her way out of the dining room down the long hallway to his study to use the pencil sharpener. She stopped when she saw him behind the desk.

"Oh! There you are!" she said in surprise.

He looked up, his expression one she couldn't quite make out. "Young lady!" he boomed and she jumped slightly, astonished.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"What? What? Is that how you are to address me, Ms. Rayna?"

She stood there dumbfounded, not exactly sure what he was doing. Was he drunk? She backed away when he got up and made his way toward her authoritatively.

"Young lady, uniform infractions will not be tolerated at this school! Your parents pay good money for you to dress and act like a proper lady! Do you have an explanation why you are, once more, out of uniform?"

Still in shock, she looked down at herself and the way she was dressed, clad in an oversized t-shirt and cut off shorts, hair haphazardly pulled up in a clip.

"I... I..." she stuttered, thrown completely off guard.

"SPEAK UP, GIRL!" he boomed. "This is not the first time! I suggest you return to your dorm and put on the proper attire, fix your hair appropriately, and then return for your punishment!"

"But I have work to do..." she said as the wife to her husband.

"It will wait, young lady. Now do as you are told!"

Crazy. He was crazy; this was crazy. She hadn't time for games. "Kyle..."

He moved so swiftly that she barely had time to grasp what was happening as he turned her around and bent her over the desk, delivering several very hard blows to the outside of her cotton shorts. "Owww... Kyle..."

"Young lady! Do you dare be so insubordinate as to disrespectfully call me by my first name?" he demanded, still smacking her bottom, her legs raising from the knee down, one at a time.

Okay, she finally caught on. Obviously, he was in the mood for this and she would not get any peace until his need was satisfied.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Saturday, March 11, 2017 - ,

The Spanking of Two Texas Girls

by John Chard
Published: Dec 02, 2016
Words: 14,980
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Part 1
Heather pushed the accelerator pedal closer to the floor and made the tires squeal as she whipped around the corner onto the small college town's main drag.

"Can't this thing go any faster?" her friend Ashley asked, from her place in the shotgun seat. "If we're late to work again Lily will kill us."

"We wouldn't be late if you hadn't lost the car keys, again!"

"Well, I forgot they were still in my pocket when I changed."

"Lucky for you I thought to look in the laundry hamper."

"Oh, just shut up and drive."

The bickering was nothing new. They had been friends for years and were as close as sisters, even more so since they'd been sharing an apartment while going to college in their native Texas.

They were a cute pair, petite except for their exceptionally round bottoms. The boys at school had actually taken to calling them the bubble butt twins.

At exactly 2.59, Heather swung the car into the parking lot at Lily's Flower and Seed Emporium, where they had both found work after school and on weekends. Like most college kids, they'd been living a hand-to-mouth existence and the money they made working at Lily's was a godsend.

They jumped from the car and rushed through the front door just as the clock read 3:00. As expected, Lily was glaring at them from behind the counter.

"Cutting it mighty close, aren't you?" she said.

Heather gave her boss a sheepish grin. "Yes, ma'am, but our shift didn't start till 3:00 and we are here."

Lily continued to glare. "Just barely, you're here. Honestly, I'd think two grown girls in college could get themselves organized well enough to get to work on time without having to drive like maniacs. Instead, you come screeching into the parking lot at the last minute in a cloud of dust every day."

"We're sorry ma'am," Ashley said. "It was my fault. I kind of lost the car keys."

"We'll do better," Heather promised.

"You'd better if you want to keep working here. You two are on thin ice with me as is. Heather, you get behind the register and Ashley, a new shipment of seeds came in. Organize the packets and get them into the right bins. I have a bunch of orders from the web site to get ready, so I'll be in back. Don't bother me unless it's an emergency."

"Yes, ma'am," they answered in unison. As they rushed past their irritated boss on the way to their assigned tasks, she gave them each a little swat on the seat of their jeans to hurry them along.

As Heather took her place behind the register, she gave her freshly stung cheek a little rub. Lily was a big, strong gal and even her playful swats packed a wallop.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 -

Over the Desk: Volume 6

schoolgirl spanking tales
by Mike London
Published: Nov 27, 2016
Words: 24,306
Category: school
Orientation: F/f
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Assembly Caning

Every school-day at Langtree Hill School began with an assembly in the hall. Today was no different. The schoolgirls filed in, class by class, the more senior girls sitting on the long wooden benches that ran across the back of the hall and the younger girls on the benches at the front, nearest the stage.

The teachers, too, had their assigned places; most sat on chairs on the stage arranged around the large desk, behind which the headmistress sat. Normally, apart from a few books and papers with the headmistress's notes, there was nothing on the desk. Today, however, a straight length of kooboo rattan, thirty four inches long - the senior school cane - was lying there.

None of the schoolgirls, apart perhaps from one fifth form girl, noticed it there against the shiny brown surface of the desk top. In addition to the teachers on stage, two teachers each day, chosen by rota, stood in the aisles on either side of the hall, assisting in keeping order.

Assembly and morning prayers were treated seriously at Langtree Hill, and girls who were caught talking or even whispering in assembly were more often than not sent out of the hall immediately to stand in the vestibule, below the school clock. There, after an unpleasant wait of several minutes until all the other girls were back in their classrooms, they would find themselves having to lean forwards, their blue school skirts tautening across their rears, to receive one or two smart slaps from a plimsoll, delivered by a senior teacher or by Mrs Cornwall, the headmistress, herself.

Today, as the girls of 5A took their places, Maria Hunt seemed reluctant to sit down. She hovered in the aisle as the others sat down and then signed to Emma Richardson to budge up along the bench a bit, so she could sit at the end. Emma thought it odd, but quickly obliged. Maria had looked rather agitated throughout registration, she remembered, and hadn't said a word to anyone.

Now that all the girls were sitting down, the headmistress made her entrance. The girls, and all of the teachers, stood up once again as she made her way behind the large desk and sat down. Everyone, except the two teachers in the aisles, now sat down again, and the assembly commenced as always with Miss Bowler playing the piano and the singing of hymns.

Nothing unusual or out of the way took place until Mrs Cornwall rose to make the announcements. These were normally rather tedious and most of the listening girls were preparing to be bored. Some of the more perceptive, though, had spotted odd expressions on some of the members of staff on the stage and wondered if something was up. Maria Hunt, unfortunately for her, had all too good an idea of what was to come.

"I am sorry to have to tell you, girls," the headmistress began, "that one of you has let herself and all of you down.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016 -

Punished by the Priest on Paradise Island

by W. Arthur
Published: Nov 25, 2016
Words: 31,916
Category: general, historical
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter One

When Rodrigo Cantrell opened his bloodshot eyes, the first thing he saw was the clear blue sky yawning above him like an immense and empty canyon, like Heaven was opening its pearl-studded gates just for him. Then, when a gush of cold sea water washed over his face, stinging his cracked skin, he knew he was still alive, that he wasn't gazing upward at Heaven. Slowly and painfully, he raised himself up into a sitting position and shifted his gaze to the horizon, now wondering what had awakened him and, more importantly, where exactly he was. The makeshift raft upon which he had been drifting was now banging against some rocks on a jagged, deserted coastline. He had been saved from the sea.

However, his jubilation over being alive was tempered as he realized he had no idea where he was or how long he had been drifting. He remembered that he had been a passenger aboard the Spanish barque, La Clava, out of Barcelona bound for Minorca in the Balearic Islands. He remembered that the small sailing vessel floundered in a sudden storm. He was washed overboard just as the ship was breaking apart and managed to climb onto a piece of the deck. He remembered very little after that.

Rodrigo gathered what little strength he had left and slid away from the planking that had served as his lifeboat. He staggered for a moment as his legs, already very weak, tried to remember what solid ground felt like. In the distance, perhaps fifty feet away was a stream bubbling over rocks - fresh water. His thirst was overwhelming and, like a desperate horse nearing a pool in the desert, he stumbled toward the stream, now oblivious to anything else around him. When he reached it, he kneeled down and stuck his whole face in the cool, running water. He drank steadily for nearly a minute.

Once his thirst was momentarily satisfied, his still disjointed thoughts turned again to where he was. They had been too far from the Spanish coast for him to have drifted back. Therefore, he reasoned, he must be on one of the many islands in the Balearic chain. But which one? It didn't look big enough to be Ibiza. To the north were only trees and small hills; to the south was the brilliant Mediterranean. A few birds flew overhead. He didn't recognize the species. Only one way to find out where I am, he told himself as he turned toward the north.

He walked slowly and wearily along the stream, heading progressively more inland; however, after less than fifty yards, fatigue and hunger began to overtake him. He stumbled over several rocks along the bank and fell on his side into a small grassy meadow. There he lost consciousness.

Rodrigo awoke to low voices around him and a soft hand upon his face. He opened his eyes and was immediately confronted by the sight of four young women clothed in ragged ankle length dresses standing over him, concerned looks etched on their unmarked faces.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sunday, December 11, 2016 -

The Family That Spanks Together...

by Grace Brackenridge
Published: Nov 18, 2016
Words: 39,161
Category: teen
Orientation: M/f, F/f
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1. Starting Summertime Spankings at 13

On June 10th of my 13th year, I decided to act.

Summer vacation had just started for me the week before.

Mom went to work that morning, but Ryan - he's my step-dad - worked on his computer out of his office at home. Ryan's got this really cool job. He makes a lot more money than Mom and he doesn't even have to go to work! Ryan sort of keeps an eye on me during summer vacation, but he's pretty laid back.

"Ryan?" I asked awkwardly. "Can I talk to you about something?"

My step-dad looked up from his computer screen and smiled. "Sure, Gracie, what's up?"

I hate when he calls me 'Gracie', but I had a favor to ask. So I let it slide.

"I was just thinking," I began, not really sure where the conversation would take me, "now that I'm a teenager and all, maybe we could change some of the rules around here."

I mean, my 13th birthday was three weeks ago, so that makes me a legal teenager, right?

"Have you talked to your mother about this?" he asked, reaching out to pull me down to sit on his lap.


Ryan became my step-dad when I was 11, but I felt close to him, even from the start.

Maybe that's because my real dad left when I was five.

Ryan's the only dad I've really known.

And besides, my step-dad's kind of mellow, which makes it weird that he married Mom.

My mother is totally hyper and an emotional bitch on top of that.

But I've never understood why parents end up with each other.


"No, I can't talk to Mom just yet," I replied. "I kind of need your help. You know that boy? Mark Hainsworth? From down the street?"

"The one you've been pining over ever since he moved in?" Ryan laughed, squeezing my shoulders. "What about him?"

"Well, he finally introduced me to his Mom and dad. They're kind of - well - Christians. I mean, really REALLY Christian. Crosses all over the house. They sort of have this set of rules on the wall."

"I see," Ryan replied, noncommittal.

"And they've even got this big blue paddle hanging right there in the family room where everybody can see it," I continued, my words poring our faster now. "And you know what?"

He smiled and shrugged.

"They STILL spank Mark with that blue paddle, right on the bare behind!" I exclaimed. "I couldn't believe it when he told me. But his mom says it's true. You know, Mark's almost 15."

"Some Christians are like that," Ryan agreed. "But what's that got to do with us?"

"Well, I sort of told them that my mom's not strict at all," I said, looking away. "So you handle the discipline."